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Finding Peace at Peace and Loaf

I spent the last week (sadly, only a week) at home with my family in Puerto Rico, a good portion of the time debating where we could all eat (we were 2 vegans and one meat lover, all somewhat picky about their food!) The first place I found to eat at wasn’t open on Sundays, so we gave up and went to eat at Pinky’s (a local restaurant near the apartment that’s a great brunch/lunch option for most non-vegans). I ordered a vegetarian sandwich, without the cheese and asked for extra avocado and a “classic” smoothie (papaya and banana) with soy milk. They assured us that the Pinky’s dressing on the sandwich does not have dairy, but I’m still not convinced – they told us it was made with vinegar, oil and salt, but those ingredients do not make a thick, creamy consistency like that! So, probably not a great option for a vegan.


At the next opportunity, I searched for a better option for vegans and found…Peace and Loaf!    

FullSizeRender (4).jpg


Peace and Loaf specializes in pizza but they also have items like salad and vegan hot dogs available. All their food is vegetarian, but you can ask for it to be made vegan (using Daiya cheese instead of animal cheese). I enjoyed the pizza, but if you are vegan and don’t like Daiya cheese you might not like the pizza, as they don’t have any homemade vegan cheese options. We decided to be adventurous and try 2 of the pizzas, although a single 16 inch pizza would have fed the three of us. One pizza had their yummy “chorizo” (their signature fake meat made with organic chickpeas), Daiya cheese and an array of veggies including: mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

(“chorizo” and veggie pizza)



The other pizza we ordered, I believe it was “la mágica”, had hemp seeds, mushrooms and onions (yes, I did have to field a few jokes/concerns over whether or not you can get high from hemp seeds…no, they are a related but entirely different plant!). From what I remember, you can choose between normal crust, low gluten or gluten free crust or a hemp crust (all made without sugar or oil, with the option of ordering a soft crust). I suggested we try one normal and one hemp crust pizza…of course we got the hemp crust on the hemp seed pizza. I liked the hemp crust best but my mother thought it tasted like a cracker!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

(12 inches, hemp seed pizza with a crunchy hemp crust)

The restaurant is founded on animal rights and environmentalism, so they avoid waste, especially plastic/styrofoam and do not have a freezer or microwave oven. They also try to use organic ingredients and avoid added chemicals and artificial colors. The space is small and cozy, but I have a feeling that if you come on a Friday night you might be waiting a while.     

I found this vegetarian/vegan restaurant through the HappyCow App, a very useful (and cheap) investment, although it turns out the hours listed on the app were incorrect. A shame because I might have come sooner if I knew when it was open! Their actual hours are: Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm, Sundays 11am-8pm and Mondays 3pm-9pm. If you come by bicycle (and with your helmet) you can get a 10% discount, but remember to bring cash with you because they only accept cash! Also, they don’t serve alcohol but do have a BYOB policy.
Check out the website at: http://peacenloaf.com/ and comment if you have the opportunity to try their food!



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