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Birthday Cupcake Lasagnes

I’m a January baby.

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago with dinner and wine. For some reason, after I graduated college I decided that the proper way for me to celebrate my birthday (and this applies only to me) is by having a dinner. That I cook myself. With wine. Because I’m fancy.

A few days before my birthday I saw this idea for cupcake lasagnas on Facebook and decided I had to make them. I mean, how hard could it be? It looked fun, too. I looked online to find a vegan cupcake lasagna recipes, but the only one I found didn’t look amazing.

I decided to make my own. I looked up different recipes (omnivore cupcake lasagnas, vegetarian cupcake lasagnas and vegan lasagnas) and thought of the best lasagna I’ve ever had. It wasn’t vegan, but it didn’t have meat and would be easy to make vegan. It wasn’t from a restaurant or a recipe I found online. It was the lasagna my mom made for my Quinceñera, almost 10 years ago. In particular, I remember all my meat eating relatives were surprised and impressed to learn it had absolutely no meat. 

Well, once I remembered all that I knew I wanted to “veganize” the lasagna she’d made. And maybe add another element to make it extra yummy. First, I texted my mom to ask her precisely how cook the texturized vegetable protein (TVP) so that it would turn out amazing. Second, I cooked the lasagna, cut it into shapes, and placed it in the cupcake pan. Step three was to start cooking the TPV.

Now, what could add an extra yummy surprise and give it an Amber spin? Step four: Eggplant! Now, I know many people don’t love eggplant as much as I do, but it’s kinda my specialty. Even M, who told me he did not like eggplant, came around to it last year after trying eggplant that I had prepared. Over the summer, he even started bringing me the cute little white eggplants from the farmers market for me to cook.

Step five: I added a little Daiya cheese, and put it in the oven, and voila!

The perfect little lasagnas did not fall apart as I carefully took them out of the cupcake pan and placed them on a white plate on top of some spring greens to contrast. I had created the most adorable little vegan lasagnas that also tasted amazing.

cute lasagne.jpg

So adorable, right?

blurry lasagne.jpg
Here’s a closer, slightly blurrier angle (I blame the wine!)

*I hope to write an actual recipe post with more photos of the process when I make these again soon (with less stress to hurry and fewer people to feed!).*
Of course, at the last minute (okay, the day before) I realized I would spend so much time making the lasagnas that I wouldn’t have time to bake a vegan cake. So I went to Veggie Galaxy the night before and ordered a full peanut butter and Taza chocolate cake (all their baked goods are vegan). I spent almost $50, way more than I could afford, on this amazing cake. I doubt I’ll do that again next year, but it sure was fun. Everyone loved it.

Here are some photos of what was left of this decadent, yummy the cake afterwards:



more cake.jpg





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