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Treat Your Self: Americorps Style

Saturday was a self care day.


(found here)

However, as an Americorps, I can’t really spend a lot of money on treating myself.

So, I have come up with different ways to engage in self care with what I already have.


My favorite form of self care, one that doesn’t have to cost anything, is taking a bath. Luckily, I LOVE making my own bath & body products.


I decided I would make a home spa.


I put a few candles around the bathroom, some incense and put some lavender oil in my diffuser.


(I love this diffuser, it is so adorable and works so well!)


Then I drew a bath and added some bath salts I’d made a few weeks ago (coconut oil, baking soda, Epsom salts and some eucalyptus essential oil).


It smelled amazing. For the last touch to set the mood, I tuned off the lights and lit some candles.


Then I massaged an avocado/lemon/coconut oil/sea salt hair mask into my hair, careful to avoid avocado falling everywhere, twisted it to the top of my head and laid down in the water.


FullSizeRender (5).jpg

(I know, it looks yummy. No, I did not taste it!)

I had planned to read but I was far too relaxed and comfortable. I needed this.


What’s your favorite way to give yourself a treat?





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