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One minute haircut!

I learned to cut my own hair over the weekend. In layers. It was the quickest, easiest and cheapest haircut I’ve gotten.


And it doesn’t look too bad either!


Not gonna say it’s as good as a good salon level haircut, but I’m okay with that. For two reasons: I don’t always love my salon haircuts and they are usually way too expensive for me to afford.


I was originally going to go to get a professional haircut, but then I found out I had 250+ pages of editing to do. But I was sick of my damaged hair (I always tell myself to not bleach it because it gets so damaged but eventually I do it again…and again) I wanted to cut off those damaged, split ends immediately!


I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always go somewhere next weekend to get it fixed.


So, I tried the ponytail method.


“What is that?” You may be wondering.


Well, basically, you put your hair in a ponytail, like this:

IMG_9256 (1).JPG


You pull down the hair to measure out how much you actually want to cut…



Then you cut below the ponytail and voila!


You have layers!


After (I will admit to straightening my hair before this photo, to show off the layers better!)





2 thoughts on “One minute haircut!

    1. Thank you!! So are you! I usually go once a year but it’s not really enough if I want to keep up with my split ends. But I definitely enjoy having someone else do it for me…it makes me feel more pampered!


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