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My Week in Review…

Did you know that March 1st is National Pig Day?

I found out this Tuesday, when one of my students mentioned it in passing, as if we should all ready know about it.

They celebrated in the children’s clinic by posting pig balloons, cute pictures of pigs, pig toys, a pig day cake and adorable pig cupcakes. Staff were even wearing pig ears.

IMG_9279 (1).JPG


I couldn’t eat the cupcakes (not vegan & filled with processed sugar), but I had to take a photo. So adorable. I really hope to celebrate it next year, framing it as a day to respect and celebrate pigs (and not killing/torturing them).

This week I had the pleasure of dog sitting – okay, M is dog sitting. I mostly get to enjoy having two dogs in the house.


That’s two dogs to greet us when we enter and two dogs to look out the window and say goodbye whenever we leave the house.

I also get the pleasure of enjoying having extra dog hair everywhere…and having a dog sleep in my bed.


Isn’t she the sweetest? Her name is Rishi 🙂


M and I went to dinner last night at Diva, an Indian restaurant in Davis Square.



I love the atmosphere here, but I was mostly excited for their vegan mushroom samosas!


In fact, the have a vegan* section of their menu:


I ordered a masala dosa, which I was told was vegan. However, M ordered the Tofu Saag off the vegan menu and was told it wasn’t vegan! *Apparently the rice is made with butter (we were not told this last time we dined there).

I was very disappointed. I thought they were a great option for vegans, but items on their “vegan” menu are served with non-vegan additions! Does that qualify as false advertising? I asked if the rice could be made without butter and they reluctantly said it could, but that it would take a long time.

I would probably go back again because I am happy with just the samosas (I ended up eating most of the dosa for lunch today) but I’m not sure I will continue recommending it to my vegan friends.

Have any of you ever found out something labeled vegan on a menu isn’t actually vegan? How would you react?


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