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Vegan Beauty Wish List: Top 3

My current top 3 vegan, cruelty-free beauty wishlist!


These products were inspired by other bloggers, friends and wayy too much time on the internet, looking at pretty things and reading reviews!


1. LA CRÈME color drenched lipstick by Too Faced

Color: Unicorn Tears (Iridescent Shimmer)

Price: $22

Found online at Too Faced here





Isn’t it gorgeous? That shimmer is magical. The name alone makes me think of Harry Potter. The color makes me think of fairies.  It would be great for an “ice queen” look. It may be the beginning of Spring, but this lipstick is all I want for Christmas! You can wear it alone or on top of another lipstick. The great thing about La creme color drenched lipsticks is that they are super moisturizing and pigmented. Perfect for my practical needs and glittering wants! 

(Sadly, Unicorn Tears is currently sold out. Guess I’m not the only one obsessed with it.)

2. Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D

Price: $23

Found online at Sephora



This liquid liner is ideal for creating that perfect cat eye look I love so much. It’s waterproof, high-pigmented, and won’t even fade or crack. The tip is precise and won’t fray. In my experience, the cat eye is not the place to mess up when applying makeup. You definitely want something that will not smudge.

Last, but certainly not least…

3. Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara by Too Faced

Price: $23

Found online at  Too Faced


Maybe it doesn’t look like much, but the reviews online have me convinced: this is the best vegan mascara for me! The effect of wearing is described as looking like you are wearing falsies! I even read a review where the person mentioned how someone actually asked about their “”falsies”. I know some people don’t want an exaggerated look all the time, but I don’t always wear makeup, so when I do, I love to have fun with it!



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