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Happy Spring!

**I tried to post this last week but I haven’t been able to get the photos from my phone**


Spring is (technically) here and I have been celebrating!

I painted my nails in pastels for Easter.


We dressed up the dog.


And tried all the vegan donuts flavors at Union Square donuts!


Yes, I am no longer not having sugar! Of course, I cheated a lot towards the end. So my experiment wasn’t entirely successful. However, I am still keeping my no sugar at work rule!

FYI: I think the cinnamon sugar donuts were the biggest hit but only I really appreciated the peppermint chocolate (after all, I like mint and love chocolate). The Blackberry Basil Lime and Spring doughie were also very much enjoyed.


I have also been engaging in my spring cleaning. Over the past two weeks I have set out to wash everything and reorganize my closet and storage spaces. During this time, I heard about wardrobe capsules. Eventually, I decided to do a little research and was inspired by the idea: simplicity and minimalism in your closet, wearing only clothes you love and feel great in and getting rid of everything else!

I decided to make a Spring wardrobe capsule.

A wardrobe capsule is basically a set number of seasonally-appropriate (hard to figure out in New England) clothing items that you love and work for your lifestyle. Your supposed to come up with a cohesive style by creating a color pallet that allows you to easily mix and match pieces, in order to make a multitude of outfits using fewer clothing items.

I emptied my closet and made piles on my bed: clothes I definitely need to keep, clothes I want to keep, clothes I will not wear this season, clothes I don’t love or clothes I never wear. With the 1989 concert playing in the background, I did my best to parse down my wardrobe to hit the required number: 37.

I did not hit the required number, in fact, I am still working on the final product. However, I have until April 1st to set my Spring wardrobe capsule. It turns out that I had a bit more thinking to do, and even some shopping, because my wardrobe is not heavy in the kind of outfits I need for work, where I spend 5/7 days a week! Plus I love dressing for fun, and fun pieces are harder to mix and match.


My current list about 39 items, which is fine with me-37 is just a number commonly used, but this is still a good, low number that makes me carefully consider each item I added.


  1. As you can see, most of the pieces I ordered for this capsule are quite cheap. As an Americorps, that’s the the only way I could afford to do it. So, in order to fulfill my budget, I shopped around a bit, but mainly just used the online thrift shop, Thredup. I love using Thredup because it is so easy to search for the kind of item you are looking for and most of their inventory is good quality (and easy to return if it doesn’t fit!) Use my code to get $10 off your first order!
  2. Want to have a lot of fun with it? Download the app Stylebook. You can digitize your closet, create outfits and plan your outfits with a calendar! It’s so much fun!

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