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A Vegan Adventure in Brooklyn

I went to New York with my boyfriend for Passover and had my first Seder. To make it even more special, I had a five year old next to me whispering the entire time and a two year old on the other end of the table who loved some of the songs we sang so much she kept singing them as the speaking portions of the ceremony went on. It was adorable, especially when she got to the point of celebrating by singing and holding her arms in the air like an Olympian who’d just won a gold metal. It was a very loud, complicated meal and I had a great time. Can you tell I love kids?


Later that night I read to the children from one of the books I got them, Rumple Tum. This photo captured one of the rare moments in that hour long endeavor when the little-ist one was admiring a picture of a kitten and not climbing all over us or jumping up and down.

The next day we met up with one of my best friends from high school for brunch at V Spot, a Columbian vegan restaurant in Brooklyn. I got this tortilla salad, which was delicious, and a few mimosas to celebrate seeing this absolutely amazing friend.

The best part happened as we were walking out when M recognized Allison Kilkenny from the Citizen Radio podcast, my all time favorite podcast, a hilarious political podcast run by a cool vegan couple. Their podcast has made my daily commute not just livable, but often even enjoyable. Listening to them feels like hanging out with friends who make you laugh out loud to yourself (while people on the bus stare at you for laughing at seemingly nothing).

I verified that it was her and went back in to introduce myself, with all the grace of an overjoyed fan girl who can’t believe her luck at meeting one of her heros. I guess I wasn’t too terrible cause she tweeted this right after:


We spent the next hour or so walking around Brooklyn, me giddy with joy and mimosas, feeling absolutely magical.

We stopped to look at pretty flowers, admire brownstones and other architecture, and sampled some artisanal olive oil and vegan hazelnut-cocoa spread at a farmers market.

No idea what kind of flowers these are but I’m obsessed!


Then we had dinner with M’s parents at Wild Ginger, also in Brooklyn. The appetizers were my favorite part, but of course they were gobbled much to quickly to photograph. We had fried wontons, crispy tofu and some sort of fried mushrooms…so I had to counteract the delicious fried food with a healthy kale shiitake avocado bowl!

Finally, we went for a jog Monday morning and saw parrots and kittens. 


I don’t think M was too pleased that I kept stopping our jog to take photos, but it was so worth it to admire these kittens!

  Brooklyn parents…who knew these were a thing?

Happy Monday!


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