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The Compassionate Chicks Guide to DIY Beauty

I just got my copy of The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty and I am thrilled! The book is a pleasure to look at – easy to flip though with bright colors, fun patterns and a few pictures of cute furry animals. The language can sometimes be a little silly (some people might call it “hip”), but it is still informative and useful. It’s everything a vegan DIY guide to beauty products should be!Β The Compassionate Chicks Guide to DIY Beauty is a gorgeous, well-made book that offers 125 total vegan and gluten free recipes detailing how to make everything from blush to conditioner and facial moisturizer to deodorant. It’s fairly comprehensive take on the basics and encourages your own creativity. It favors breadth over depth, so if you’re looking a book with 25 different recipes to make bath bombs, this is not the one. That said, this book will teach you enough to get creative and figure it out for yourself!

Now, you might wonder why I’d buy this book when I can easily find DIY beauty products online. Well, to begin with it can be difficult to find a good vegan beauty recipe. Some that advertise themselves as vegan aren’t always vegan because they use honey or don’t explain that most sugar (unless organic) has bone char. By buying this book, I receive a level of quality and thought put into the guiding instructions that not all DIY recipes will have. Plus I hate loosing a great beauty recipe to the Internet and then being unable to recreate it months later. This way, I’ll have a collection of reliable recipes, easily found!

Below are a few examples of some of the recipes included in various chapters:
Β Β 

This book is also much more than a list of beauty recipes. I especially appreciate the fact that she includes a smaller list of staples that you can focus on gathering if you want to switch to natural beauty products so that you aren’t overwhelmed! (See page 56). If you are interested in making your own makeup products, many of the recipes she provides use the same ingredients in varying proportions, so you really only have to focus on getting a few different ingredients to create various natural beauty products!

The appendix offers some useful information like a table of all natural vegan friendly beauty brands and types of products, what chemicals to look out for in nail polish and helpful tips for packaging your natural vegan creations. Finally, the resource page thoughtfully has helpful guidance on where to buy the different materials used in the guide. Sunny’s thought of everything!

This book contains even more information than I have attempted to relay. In fact, I expect to get a lot of use of out this book and use it for reference quite often. If you are interested in creating your own vegan beauty products, I highly recommend this book as a great place to start! There’s nothing else on the market that compares to it.


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