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Oh, the places you’ll go, playing Pokemon Go! Cambridge, MA

I have to admit Pokemon Go has benefitted my life in many ways. I’ve met new people, increased my number of daily steps and discovered many new places and works of art. And all of this because of a free phone game? It’s awesome!

Last weekend after brunch at Veggie Galaxy (naturally) I ended up going on a Poke-walk with M. By only going just a little out of our way, visiting a park we’d never been to and walking back towards Central, we needed up discovering a few visual gems in Cambridge!

First, there was a cute park with animal footprints all over the cement and a giant fish sculpture:

The we walked past a metal horse sculpture:


And then the most curious wall, call “The Productivity Wall” with animals drawn and quirky things written all over it:


“You are having an intergalactic conversation with the fence”


“Lov is a strange thing some like it some don’t”


“When an idea makes you stop and lie down to think about it, you know you’ve struct gold” “Spooky cat” “”all females are supernatural beings if you relate to them as normal…”


“The planet will give itself to those who can best take care of it”

“Cosmic moose”


“i eat junk foods \, but my soul transmutes into Pure Energy”


Then I found a weird door on the wall:

And I OPENED it:


That turned out to be an entire building of random phrases and drawings:

Has anyone ever seen this place or know what it is? I’m so curious and I can’t find anything online.
Finally, we walked past the Cambridge Public Library so I could get a photo of this mosaic:

Hope you enjoyed hearing a bit about my weekend adventures!


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