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What do you mean my Beer isn’t Vegan?!: My Guide to Drinking Vegan

When I first became vegan I wasn’t aware that alcohol could be not vegan. After all, what could possible be in most alcohol that isn’t vegan? Excluding of course alcohol that is whipped cream flavored or chocolate flavored, that didn’t make any sense.

But then I learned a little bit about the process and found out that the following can be used in the process of creating alcoholic beverages: fish bladders, gelatin and egg whites. Pretty gross. But most importantly to me, not vegan.

So then I must begin to do research to figure out what kinds of alcohol are vegan. As it turns out, many popular beers, ciders and brands of hard alcohol are vegan. Downeast cider made in Boston is vegan, but Guinness is not. Corona, Blue Ribbon and most vodka and rum is vegan. Trader Joe’s inexpensive red Charles Shaw wines are vegan, but the white wines are not. That isn’t to say one cannot find vegan white wine, just that it won’t be as cheap as 3 bucks.

For a long time, I didn’t care too much about if the alcohol I was purchasing was vegan or not. After all, I don’t even drink very much. But now that I am aware of a number of vegan brands, it makes it much easier to make the choice to drink vegan. I’m still learning about different factors of the vegan lifestyle and I wanted to share my realization for how to go about achieving level 5 vegan: It’s not that hard to drink vegan if you develop a short mental list of a few of your favorite go-to vegan selections.

In any case, if you are trying to figure out if an alcohol is vegan, check out: http://www.barnivore.com/ And let me know if you discover any cheap vegan white wines, please!.




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