Challenge: No Spend November, Coming Up!

I need to get back on track with my finances. In October I sprained my ankle and went wayyy over budget in Lyfts and delicious vegan takeout (and my Halloween costume and vegan beauty products) because doing anything while in crutches is kinda impossible or at least very difficult. You try draining pasta and not burning yourself with hot water while on crutches. Of course, I am still on crutches but soon will be off them. I can’t wait for that.

I will not spend money on: coffee shops, eating out, takeout, or beauty products.

I will only spend on groceries, toiletries, and public transportation (when needed) with a few named exceptions.

How do I plan on doing this? I will:

Buy groceries (if needed-I have a lot already)

Clean the apartment so that working there is more comfortable and I don’t need to go to coffee shops

Buy presents or needed clothes with my Buffalo Exchange gift card

Buy a Bota box of wine by the end of October for entertaining guests at home

Pack dinner and lunch for days I have class (and for traveling to NY)

Plan dinners at home, baking, crafts, reading anything I can do without spending money

Pay for my flight home to Puerto Rico with my JetBlue points and then close the card

My exceptions:

Any event that was planned before November (such as Thanksgiving) but I will give myself limits for that too! I can buy my ticket to NYC, pay for public transportation around the city but will limit myself to $50 to spend on anything else (food, coffee, drinks).

Hopefully, this way I can pay off the credit debt I raised this month and start saving again! I anticipate it will be difficult to stick to but I will not let any setbacks cause me to give up. I need to get back into a “necessities only” mentality and remember to use all the resources at my disposal.


7 thoughts on “Challenge: No Spend November, Coming Up!

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I think this whole concept is very neat and appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up this month, it has inspired me to try the same thing. NO SPEND NOVEMBER….very catchy !

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      1. Hey Amber, I was thinking… I would really love to share the idea of having a no spend November on my blog at Finethoughtsblog.wordpress.com, but I definitely want to give you credit for giving me that idea. Would you mind if I mentioned you and had a link to this page on my next post? Let me know!

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