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No Spend November, Day 2!

Today was another stressful day where I was tempted to spend extra money: I had 4 classes and two papers due today!  Temptation # 1: Knowing every extra minute was time I could do work or sleep more (It seems I don’t sleep well when I have a ton of work to do) I was… Continue reading No Spend November, Day 2!

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Day 1 and I’m struggling! #NoSpendNovember

It’s only been a day and my resolve has been tested! I have 2 papers due tomorrow and a long meeting far from home tonight so I was tempted to: 1. Order a Lyft to and from the meeting so that I could have more time to work on the paper 2. Order takeout so… Continue reading Day 1 and I’m struggling! #NoSpendNovember