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Day 1 and I’m struggling! #NoSpendNovember

It’s only been a day and my resolve has been tested!

I have 2 papers due tomorrow and a long meeting far from home tonight so I was tempted to:
1. Order a Lyft to and from the meeting so that I could have more time to work on the paper

2. Order takeout so that I wouldn’t have to spend valuable time doing I could be writing on cooking

3. Stress order a subscription box of Medusa Makeup (it’s vegan and looks so fun with lots of glitter and electric colors! Very different from Petit Vour. When did I become so obsessed with makeup?)


Instead, I:

  1. Realized I could go to the make-up meeting next week when I have less work to do
  2. Made super easy foods (think vegan mac and cheese with a simple salad and frozen sweet potato fries with rosemary)
  3. Reminded myself of my own promise and decided I will order the box for myself next month if I still want it! After all, I feel like winter is the time for glitter anyway.

Success! I was able to balance all my goals. Now I just need to be sure to pack tons of food to eat tomorrow at school! Oh and finish those papers…

Vegan makeup temptations (photo from here)



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