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No Spend November, Day 2!

Today was another stressful day where I was tempted to spend extra money: I had 4 classes and two papers due today! 

Temptation # 1: Knowing every extra minute was time I could do work or sleep more (It seems I don’t sleep well when I have a ton of work to do) I was tempted to order a Lyft. After all, it would cut down my hour and half long commute to about half an hour and give me time to relax before a long day. Well, I resisted and took the subway. 

And I’m actually glad I did. I got to listen to a few podcasts I haven’t listened to in a while and got a walk in so I could start strenthening my ankle (I sprained it a few weeks ago.) 

Temptation #2: Normally, I eat dinning hall food for dinner since I never bring enough for lunch, dinner and snacks. But yesterday I made an effort to pack various protein-packed meals and snacks (in case you were wondering, chickpea salad for lunch, quinoa pasta with TVP for dinner, vegan yogurt, apples and chocolate snacks). 

Then I took a Lyft home at night as part my agreement with my parents. That doesn’t count though πŸ˜› And yes, I am an adult.

I officially declare day 2 a success!


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