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I am a Green Shoot

I am a green shoot: Keep your hands gentle and flowing with care. Do not overwater me or allow me to dry out. Perhaps if you care for me (With love and devotion, As you should) I’ll sprout a stem built of strength and petals of joy.   I am a green shoot: I must… Continue reading I am a Green Shoot

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My favorite language Does not exist Although it surrounds me I’m told it’s wrong A destruction of proper speech And yet when I hear My friends speaking Spanish here English there The grammar of one flowing Smoothly into the other I feel Quilts piecing together Different stories To create a truth Individual and universal A… Continue reading Spanglish

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Crazy Cat Lady

Cats are painted as Adorable villains For not smiling when they see us For not appearing eager To please For their independence Something in the way cats are described Reminds me of misogyny But why am I surprised? They are the State animal That turns a single woman Into a stereotype What kind of “crazy”… Continue reading Crazy Cat Lady

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My Top 3 Natural Ways of Dealing with PMS

I fully support the use of whatever medication a person needs or wants to use to help get through their periods – be it birth control, midol or something stronger. However, I know a lot of people want to use something natural in addition or even in place of actual medication for a variety of… Continue reading My Top 3 Natural Ways of Dealing with PMS

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Cooking as a Feminist Act

I was raised to be a feminist and a vegetarian. (found here) My mom, who was open and vocal about her strong belief in feminism, animal rights and the importance of an education, had a huge impact on me. However, I experienced considerable opposition to these particular identities a child. I went to a public… Continue reading Cooking as a Feminist Act