My story:

After being raised a vegetarian my entire life, I decided to go vegan my freshman year of college. It didn’t go so well. Between the free pizza and baked goods, almost daily trips to the student center for mozzarella sticks (my biggest weakness), how little I knew about creating a healthy/filling/delicious vegan diet and the options available to me at the dorm, I didn’t succeed. I told myself I would wait until I had the money to really go for it and have access to my own kitchen.

About a year and a half after graduating, I decided to try it again. I am still broke, but at least I have a small, but mostly functional kitchen (albeit, shared with a number of other people). It has, after all, been a goal of mine to become fully vegan “eventually”. At some point, I realized I could no longer justify the torture/killing/mistreatment of animals. I then discovered that living in Boston it is much easier to become vegan than it was in my small liberal arts college in Connecticut or back home (did I mention that “home” is Puerto Rico?).

So, here I am starting a blog because I want to share what I have learned and have some fun at it. Hoping to go through the menu’s at different vegan restaurant, figure out the best recipe for vegan mozzarella sticks and learn how to eat healthily consistently.

This image is not mine, I found it online
(This image is not mine, I found it online)

2 thoughts on “My story:

  1. I have wanted to try a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle for awhile, but I haven’t been willing to take the plunge yet. I do buy ethical meat, but it is still a mental struggle for me to know that the animal was killed for my benefit (but at least was not tortured or mistreated!).

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    1. Well, any move you make towards ending the torture and killing of animals counts, although I’m always dubious about what labels like “free range” or “humane” really mean. I sure hope one day you can give up meat as it is one of the best things you can do for animals, the planet and your health!

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